Six Levels Of Involvement

Six levels of involvement ensure we cover all needs and factors involved in a person’s quality of life.

1. Environmental

  • Assess the home (or current residential) environment for appropriateness, safety
  • Make recommendations for changes to the environment,including possible relocation

2. Medical

  • Provide coordination of care
  • Ensure coordination by multiple specialists
  • Recommend appropriate assessments
  • Medication Management
  • Arrange MD appointments and transportation

3. Psychological

  • Assess psychological factors affecting the person’s quality of life
  • Make recommendations for treatment or involvement in resources

4. Social

  • Ensure maximum social activity for both caregiver and client
  • Provide companionship, recommend community involvement

5. Financial

  • Assess financial picture and make recommendations for
  • Long-term management of finances
  • Assist with application of Medicaid programs to ensure maximum spousal impoverishment capacity.

6. Legal

  • Power of Attorney issues
  • Guardianship
  • Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney

If any parts of the six levels aren’t being met for your loved ones. It is time to take action.

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