Crisis Management/On Call Services

Some recent crises/on-call incidents which have occurred with our current and prospective clients include:

  • Hip fractures due to falls – falls cannot be prevented, but the handling of the aftermath of a fall can make the difference between going home and living out one’s life in a nursing facility.
  • Psychotic episodes brought on by escalating dementias, requiring hospitalization and close advocacy due to the treatment of seniors in intra-population settings. 
  • The brothers of one client called to engage our services after their sister became lost driving back from her vacation home.. for the third time in a two-month period. It was difficult to address the situation. The brothers, often similarly to adult children, appeared afraid to anger their sister and were unsure how to approach the subject. ICS made it easier by taking the brunt of the anger upon ourselves. We have broad shoulders and family members can pile a lot onto them … where the family might break under the strain and give in again, we are able to set the burden aside and objectively and effectively address and enforce an important safety concern.

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