Care Management

We do what family would do if they had the time and expertise.

We can, at the family’s request or due to the client’s situation perform all functions required to ensure a person’s life care plan is put into action and followed through.

ICS care managers can handle setting up and attending doctor appointments, coordinating medical and social/psychological care, assisting with daily money management, monitoring in-home caregivers, following through with referrals and recommendations, and generally being the “quarterback” for the client family.

Our clients have the advantage of entrusting our agency with access to all of the necessary information to ensure smooth transitions, to prevent or minimize crises, and especially to ensure continuity of health care. Our securely encrypted and protected software and paper trail may be the one place that holds all of the important pertinent information including legal paperwork, family contact information and history, medical history and list of professionals involved, current medical issues including diagnoses, medication lists, and lists of previously used medications, side effects, and their symptoms.

We get to know our clients well enough to be able to advocate for their dignity and independence while maintaining a vigilant guard over their private health information and advocate for their long term care wishes.

Care Management Services can include:

  • Implementing the Plan of Action,
  • Setting up and attending doctor appointments
  • Coordinating medical and social/psychological care
  • Assisting with daily money management
  • Monitoring in-home caregivers
  • Following through with referrals and recommendations
  • Making regular reports to family out of town to minimize worry and increase peace of mind

We make sure your parents receive the same treatment we would want our own parents to have.

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