We are fierce advocates for our client families. Sometimes we are not popular with providers because we know what questions to ask to get the results that the client needs rather than the needs of the corporation behind the provider.

I once received a frantic call (on a holiday weekend) from a gentleman whose friend was in town only for a few days. The friend’s mother lives in a retirement community that promises upon admission that running out of liquid assets will not change the living situation. Unfortunately, this friend was contacted by the community and informed that his mother would need to accept a room in their long term nursing unit even though her care needs did not require nursing home level of care. You see, there are government subsidies for nursing home care, but few and restrictive subsidies for assisted living apartments.

After a meeting with the son and hearing his story, a phone call was made to the local Ombudsman (a service provided to senior housing facilities that mediates between facilities and residents but has no legal jurisdiction). The son arranged an appointment with the facility’s executive director that afternoon and asked the care manager to attend; she brought her laptop, took verbatim notes, and asked a few pertinent questions. The meeting resulted in the mother being allowed to remain in her private apartment.

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