We find solutions to care independently of any insurance company, social service governmental restraints, or conflicts of interest. We don’t own our own caregiving agency, so our recommendations for care are completely objective. We are not affiliated with, nor do we receive referral fees from any housing conglomerate, so our recommendations for environmental changes are completely objective. We work for you. We are an independent company serving American citizens in the way that we should come to expect to obtain the best lives possible now and in the future.


Sometimes you just need answers. No one else seems to know how to help you with the hard questions that come up:

  1. Are mom and dad still safe at home alone?
  2. What kind of care do they need?
  3. Are they eligible for Medicaid or other benefits?
  4. How do I approach them about these concerns?

ICS has the expertise and knowledge to help answer these questions and give you direction for the next step in planning and managing your parents’ care. Click here to read more


Sometimes you need someone else to be the spokesperson for the family. The bureaucracies we face in our healthcare system can be overwhelming for the average American. Anyone who has been at the mercy of a foreign system, hospitalized, faced with rehabilitation before being allowed to go home, waiting in an emergency room for hours in excruciating pain — anyone who has –or fears to have- faced those situations knows that having an advocate can mean the difference between results and disaster. Click here to read more


When you realize your parents need intervention, what exactly needs to be done? How should it be done? What can you afford? What do your parents want? Family members generally have difficulty talking about these things among themselves. Parents don’t want to feel as though they are “answering to their children.” Adult children are not comfortable taking car keys away from the people who taught them how to drive. Click here to read more

Life Care Planning

Our parents were planners. They planned their families. They planned for retirement. They planned for their children’s college educations. But they didn’t plan on living beyond their physical and financial means. Click here to read more

Care Management

The actual doing of care management is the heart and soul of our business and our passion for helping families. Not every family needs or wants complete, comprehensive care management. In fact, care management can include a little, or a lot. Click here to read more

Crisis Management/On Call Services

We debated making these two separate categories, because once a Plan of Action is in place, the crises usually dwindle to a minimum. At the very least there is a plan in place to ensure that when a crisis occurs, there is a procedure to follow and care is in place as soon as feasibly possible.

But even the best laid plans can be thwarted by fate, life, and the aging process. Having ICS on-call for your family can ensure that crises are handled, that you have a lifeline in town to ensure that advocacy will be immediate, that your loved one will not be alone in an emergency room, that the risk of medication errors or discharge fiascos are avoided. Click here to read more


Age related issues are emotionally challenging. Counseling is a part of long term care expertise and many professional care managers are also trained and licensed psychotherapists. Click here to read more